About Us

Livestock Markets Association of Canada ( LMAC)was formed in 1964 for the stated purpose of promoting the selling of livestock by public auction and to be a united voice to the Federal and Provincial Governments on issues affecting Auction Markets in Canada.

Auction Markets and Order Buyers who become members of their Provincial Markets Association automatically become members of LMAC.

LMAC is led by a Board of Directors, five Directors are elected by the Provincial Association, usually this is the Provincial President or his or her designate. Five Directors are elected at large by the LMAC membership at the annual meeting.

LMAC promotes the Auction method of selling and yearly hosts a Canadian Auctioneer Championship to encourage Auctioneers to improve and showcase their skill.

Board of Directors

Rob Bergevin
Foothills Auctioneers Inc.
Box 10,Stavely, AB
T0L 1Z0
Phone: 403-549-2120
Fax: 403-549-2253
Cell: 403-625-7171 Email:rob@foothillsauctioneers.com
Executive Adminstrator
Rick Wright
Heartland Order Buying Co.
P.O. Box 1923
Virden, Manitoba
Phone: 204 748-7676
Fax: 204 748- 2638
Email: rickwright.lmac@gmail.com
*Director at Large

Larry Witzel
Ontario Livestock Exchange
Box 443,
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 4A9
Office: 519-884-2082
Home: 519-662-3712
Fax: 519-884-0509
Cell: 519-741-6333
Email: lwitzel@olex.ca
Provincial Appointment
Past President
Scott Anderson
Winnipeg Livestock Sales
Box 13, Group 220 R.R. # 2,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 2E6
Phone: 204-694-8328
Fax: 204-697-4476
Cell: 204-782-6222

Brock Taylor
Taylor Auctions
Box 568 Melita Manitoba,
Phone 204-522-6396
Fax. 204-522-3329 
Email: b.taylorauctions@yahoo.ca
Director at Large

Craig Jacklin
VJV Ponoka
4410-Hwy 2A Ponoka Ab
T4J 1J8
C: 403-783-1453
F: 403-783-4120         
Director at Large
Jim Abel
Stettler Auction Mart
Stettler, Alberta
P0C 2L0
Office: 403-742-2368
Fax: 403-742-8151
Email: sam1990@telusplanet.net
*Director at Large
Mark Canart Canart Cattle Co.
265 Peerless Way
Kamloops, B.C. 
V2C 6X2
P 250-573-5605
mark@canartcattleco.com Provincial Appointment
Chance Martin Thorsby Stockyards Inc Box 379 Thorsby, Ab. TOC 2P0 Phone: 780-789-3915
Cell: 403-358-045
Email: thorsbystockyards@telus.net
Director at Large
Jason Danard Team/Calgary Stockyards Ltd. 
#200 - 5925 12th St. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2H 2M3 
Cell: (403) 519-8916 Phone (403) 234-7429
Fax (403) 266-3368 jasondanard@hotmail.com
Director at Large

Kevin McArter Brussels Livestock 
Box 59, Brussels, Ontario
N0G 1H0 
Cell: 519-357-0594
Fax 519-887-9449 kevinmcarter67@icloud.com
Director At Large



Provincial Executive Secretaries

Alberta Auction Markets Association
Ms. Lorraine Klepper
RR #1
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 5E1
Office: 403-340-2460
Fax: 403-340-2019
E-mail: ab_auct@telus.net
Manitoba Auction Markets Association
Rick Wright
Heartland Order-Buying Co.
Box 1923, Virden
Manitoba, R0M 2C0
Office: 204-748-7676
Fax: 204-748-2638
Cell: 204-748-7676
Email: rickwright.lmac@gmail.com

Independent Saskatchewan Livestock Markets
Contact: Rhett Parks Whitewood Livestock Sales Box 68, Whitewood Sk, SOG 5C0 Cell: 306 735 7813
Fax:  306 735 4284
E-mail:  rhettparks@hotmail.com
Mountain Markets Association 
Bob Miller
102 1402 McGill Rd
Kamloops BC
V2C 1L3
P: 250-314-9686
Ontario Livestock Markets Association
Larry Witzel
Box 443,
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 4A9
Office: 519-884-2082
Fax: 519-884-0509
Cell: 519-741-6333 Email: lwitzel@olex.ca